Lucky Patcher Apk 0.4.7 Download for Android - Latest Version!

Our lives are equipped with smartphones these days on a regular basis to meet all our digital requirements. We are no more limited to just PCs or laptops and have headed towards living a convenient lifestyle with use of smartphones on a daily basis. It is because smartphones cover all our digital and advanced technology needs. We are able to perform all tasks through smartphones and apps, which are the main source to do every task for the digital needs.

What is Lucky Patcher App?

Let us now have a look at the features of Lucky Patcher App listed here below.

The newest app in the smartphone world is Lucky Patcher. It is an amazing app that allows you to control all other apps that you have installed in your smart or Android phone. Lucky Patcher offers complete control on all other apps to modify all developer mod options with some easy steps and few clicks. With this app, it is feasible to disable the unnecessary advertisements and continue using the app without consuming too much of your time. You can even alter the permissions to apps whether they can access your media or phonebook section or not and also it allows you to create backups for all sorts of apps.

So, if you have been so long hunting for an android app that can make your digital life much simpler, then Lucky patcher is the app to go for. It is a free of cost app that can be downloaded with ease. You therefore don’t have to spend much money and time on using other third party apps that are mostly paid. Despite being available for free of cost, the app comes with numerous sound features. You can install this app in your PC, laptop, Android or iPhone and you can enjoy all other installed apps in much easier way because it eradicates the advertisements, unnecessary popups, ads for games to enjoy hassle free operation of your mobile apps.

Once you install the lucky patcher app, you would witness all the apps in a format list that gets installed on your device. If you wish to make any amendments to any of your installed app, then you can do that conveniently with the lucky patcher app.

Remove Ads

The first thing that the lucky patcher app does is to remove all the advertisement from your apps. It also let you take backup of all the apps which is installed on your device.

No Licenses

Secondly, it also removes all the verified licensed which is a paid version of your app. It can control all your apps within the single screen on your device without any issue.

App Permissions

It lets you modify the permission of the app, It is very easy to use. There is a lot of tools to manage your apps.

What all Amazing Stuff you can do with Lucky Patcher?

You can do a range of incredible stuff with this app, such as:

Delete Unnecessary Data

Create Backups with Ease

Uninstall Apps in just a Single Click

Remove License Verification from the App

If you wish to remove license verification from the app, then you can do it conveniently with the Lucky patcher app. Also, it is possible to eradicate the irritating Google ads from all the apps installed in your smartphone. Most of the times, when you are using an app you see popup ads, which you can now block with this single app.

Another great functionality of this app is that it allows you to take back-up for other applications in your mobile phone. You can uninstall the apps that are pre-installed in your Android device with this single tool. Apps like Google maps or Google plus that are not used on a daily basis can be managed in a convenient way with Lucky patcher app. This app allows you to manage all your mobile apps conveniently to offer you with hassle free operation of your smartphone.

Features of Lucky Patcher Apk:

Managing your smartphone is so much convenient and easy with this app as it is loaded with numerous great features. So, let have a quick glance at the topmost features of this app.

  • Blocks unnecessary advertisements or popups from the already installed applications in your smartphone.
  • Eradicates license verification from the installed apps in the mobile devices.
  • Removes unwanted pre-installed applications from the smartphone or Android device.
  • Create essential modifications in the app in just single clickMake essential modified apps in just one click.
  • Manage all the applications permissions and eradicate the permission of the app.
  • Shift easily the application to the SD card in just a single click.
  • You can install the Modified Play Store in your smartphone. It would also help you to install all the apps that do not support license verification.
  • You can update the applications easily, without falling in need to go outside and hunt for updates in the play store.
  • Avail optimum solutions for device incompatible errors of play store by applying custom patch on the desired app.
  • Carry on with a silent in-app purchase without bringing it in the notice of play store
  • Duplicate the applications of your preference
  • Freezes or blocks the applications that misbehaves in the background
  • Download custom patch conveniently without even updating the app. This way even the app owner would not able to track your actions.
  • Remove Dalvik cache from the apps. No need to reboot it into the recovery and this helps in introducing efficiency and high-performance to your Android phone.
  • You can take complete backup of any application. The backup includes complete information or data, such as important data, passwords, username and all essential details.
  • Lastly, you can download the important link in your device and hunt for more detailed features of the app.

Downloading Lucky Patcher App

Since, it is an excellent app that offers you with absolute convenience to manage your mobile app, so you would prefer to download the app as soon as possible. Here are some steps that you may follow in order to download the app directly on your Android phone.

​Users who wish to download this app in their smartphone can download it by following these easy steps.

  • Step 0 – You may download the lucky patcher app from its direct download link.
  • Step 0 – Now click on the Settings > Security > Enable ‘Unknown Sources’
  • Step 0 – This will enable you to download the app files from other sources
  • Step 0 – Now you have downloaded the file you would get a download notification in the app tray
  • Step 0 – Just tap double times on the file and a window will open. In the window just click on the ‘install now’ button
  • Step 0 – You have to follow the basic steps of approval, such as agree to all terms and conditions by scrolling down the page and click on the ‘I agree’ button.
  • Step 0 – Now the app will get active in the app tray and you are ready to use the app.

Using the Lucky Patcher App

This app comes with a range of exclusive features and options. To make sure that you are able to use the app without experiencing any problem, here we present to you the list of options that you can use with this app.

App Info – By clicking on the App Info tab it is possible to view the complete details of a particular app, such as app path, data, name, version, password, user ID, and size. Also, you can identify patches applicable on the app and also the approvals are permitted for the app. With this option you can avail complete information about the app.

Open Menu of Patches – With this option you can prepare modified APK file by choosing a specific patch to the app using Lucky Patcher for an unrooted phone. To identify the modifications in the app, you can select the other related options.

Launch App – This option is useful to instigate the app with using the APK button.​

Tools – If you wish to prepare the backup of a file before patching in the tool you can get it done with the option of Backup. This option is great before modifying any file for patching. Also, if you wish to share the file of a specific app then you can use it with the relevant option in the Tools.​

Uninstall App – For uninstalling a specific app from the unrooted mobile phone then you can do this with this option.​

Manage the App – By clicking on this option, your device can be redirected to the App info that is on the smartphone where it is possible to clear the cache of the app.​

Besides these options, you can also get few notable options in a specific app, like Switches, Settings, and more.

Switches – With this option, you can switch on / off License Verification Emulation, Mirror Original billing, Billing Emulation for inApp emulation, Auto backup for installed and updated apps. By switching options, apps are altered as per the preference.

Settings – If you have applied any filters to an app, then you can view them through this option. Also, it is possible to alter the language, transform the directory to the SD card and update the app as per the needs.

Final Verdict:

The Lucky patcher is an amazing app that is available for all Android users, smartphone and iPhone users. This app is inculcated with enormous great features and options that make it convenient to manage all other apps in your mobile phone. If you wish to hack few apps or games, then you can adopt few tips and tricks to use this app. Every smartphone user must definitely try this app for at least once.


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